Hustler 39 Shotgun

Hustler Powerboats 39 Shotgun

Hustler Powerboats builds a outboard-powered offshore boat based on the same hull of its popular 39 Rockit.  

Mystic Powerboats C3800 Catamaran

The C3800 is one of the largest sport catamaran on the market offering performance, comfort and reliability. By...

Velocity’s V-bottom Rocket

The VR1 Carbon Fiber from Velocity Powerboats tops 115 mph with twin Mercury Racing 400R outboards By Gregg Mansfield

Hustler 50’ ‘Monster’

When the Dematteo family decided it was time to retire their 1993 Hustler 40 Fiore after 17 years, there was only one place to...

Velocity Powerboats 390SS – Magic Time

Steve Stepp and his company Velocity Powerboats are known to squeeze every ounce of power of out an engine and transfer that force to...

Cobalt 26SD – Day Dreamer

Cobalt has done it again. Hard on the heels of the radical-chic A-Series sport boats, the Kansas-based luxury specialists have brought us their first...


With updated Cyber Ice graphics, the Formula 382 FAS3Tech continues to be one of the most popular offshore performance boats. By Eric Colby In addition to...

Welcome Back Donzi 38 ZRC

By PRA’s Gregg MansfieldPhotos by Mark Spencer Anyone who is a student of offshore racing history will remember the...

Fountain 47 Lightning – Lightning Strikes Again

Fountain Powerboats beautifully updates the timeless 47 Lightning. By Gregg Mansfield Years ago, a...

Formula 500 SSC

By Zenon Bilas The innovative new Formula 500 SSC is the longest (53’4”), widest (14’8” beam), most powerful (2,400...



August 6th, 2022

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