Aquamania Swimsuit Calendar Coming Soon

Aqua-Mania G3 Race boat, has teamed up with Syracuse based Twin Oaks Agency Group to produce a 2017-18 swimsuit calendar with proceeds to support colon cancer.

Gregg Rosen, a colon cancer survivor said, “After beating colon cancer I became passionate about this cause and vowed to do something to help. I came up with the idea of a calendar that would create awareness and help raise funds for cancer research. Thanks to medical advances, colon cancer patients now have advanced screening methods to catch the disease early. I’m proud to support research to find ways to prevent colorectal cancer, better ways to find it early, and ways to improve treatments.”

The 18-month calendar has a July 2017 start date and will be available at all 2017 racing events starting in January, and on their website at

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