Mercury Racing Brings Back 700 SCi Package

Mercury Racing is bringing back its 700 SCi engine in August after pulling the supercharged engine from its lineup in 2017.

The engine is making a comeback thanks to demand from West Coast builders, said Rick Mackie, Mercury Racing’s public relations and communications manager. Bringing back the 700 SCi will fill the gap between the company’s 600 SCi and 860 models.

“The power works well with certain applications,” said Mackie, noting buyers are putting them in V-bottoms, catamarans and deck boats. “The 700 SCi is popular on the West Coast.”

While some West Coast builders offer outboard-power models, sterndrives remain a favorite for consumers who boat at Lake Havasu in Arizona and Lake Mead in Nevada. Mercury Racing debuted the 700 SCi in 2006 and stopped production at the end of 2017.

Mackie said there are no changes to the 8.2-liter V8 engine, which will be built in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Mecury’s Propulsion Control Module (PCM) combined with a screw type supercharger, roller camshaft and sequential fuel injection delivers instant throttle response and superior idle quality, Mackie said.

The PCM computer also enables individual cylinder control. This ability to optimize fuel, spark timing and knock control independently for each cylinder enhances engine performance and fuel economy.

Mercury Racing says under optimum ambient conditions, the boost bypass control valve will open to adjust for the lower boost required to obtain 700 crankshaft horsepower. The PCM controller closes the bypass control valve, to provide active torque management throughout the engine operating rpm range and additional boost required to maintain a consistent 700 horsepower when operating in sub-optimal running conditions. 

The 700 SCi comes standard with Mercury Racing’s M6 drive and the higher-capacity M8 sterndrive is optional. Buyers can also purchase the engine without a drive. Mercury backs the 700 SCi with a one-year factory warranty.

Consumers can select from 12 color options to match the engine to boat graphics. Carbon-fiber reservoir covers and polished accessory drive pulleys add to the bling.

A price hasn’t been announced for the 700 SCi but will be revealed well before production starts in August, Mackie said.

“It’s been a very popular engine from its birth,” he said.

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