Offshore Racers Attempt to Break Record Around Malta

Championship offshore racers Aaron Ciantar and Dominique Martini are attempting a record run circumnavigating the southern European island of Malta later this month.

The duo is looking to break the current record of 34 minutes set by Italian Mario Invernizzi in 2006. The latest record attempt is slated for Saturday, March 30, depend on weather conditions.

Ciantar and Martini are running a Chaudron 41 with 1,600 horsepower that can run over 125 mph (200 km/h) for the record attempt. The island is approximately 17 miles long and 9 miles wide.

“After winning five world championship titles, our current goal is to establish a new Round-Malta world record in the Chaudron Canopy 41,” Ciantar said in a press release. “Should we manage to do so, the Round-Malta world record will be for the first time held by a Maltese national both as a driver and as a boat constructor.”

Ciantar of Malta has five world championships, while throttleman Martini of Corsica, France, has two world championships.

ICARUS Sports has been brought in to produce a video highlight video of the record run as well as features in the new in-house motorsports TV show “Gearing Up,” which ICARUS Sports says is distributed to 120 countries.

“We are very excited to help promote this attempt,” said Manos Kampas, ICARUS Sports Sales and Project Manager. “Our company has always supported outdoor niche sports and we love the thrilling quest for speed world of powerboats, and this record attempt will pitch driver skill, boat performance and speed against the elements.”

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