Top of The Class – Vinny Rifice

Vinny Rifice’s father had a speed boat when he was growing up and he would help his father work on it. It’s one of the reasons that Rifice was interested in boats at a young age.

Rifice has owned plenty of boats over the years but his early offshore boats stand out. His first boat was a 27-foot Fountain with a supercharged engine, the moving to a 29-foot Fountain with twin engines.

“My buddy took me for a ride on his 24-foot Skater, then I was hooked on a cat,” he said.

After owning a Spectre, Rifice was a Skater man owning several notable Douglas Marine products including the 36 Skater Color Me Bad that ran 161 mph, a 40’ SS Skater with 1,130-hp motors that went 165 mph, and a 388 Skater Talk’N Trash that competed in Super Cat Class and won a world championship.

“To me, winning the world championship in 2009 in Super Cat class was definitely the highlight of my go-fast boats,” he said. “I learned so much about set up over the years, so I always wrenched and set up every boat I raced or ran.”

Rifice built a 32 skater, which holds the speed record of 172.3 mph for the fastest open cockpit 32’ Skater ever built.

He has a true need for speed on and off the water. Rifice regularly hits the racetrack with his twin turbo Audi R8 and his Nissan GTR with his faithful companion Lambo, a Doberman.

Rifice was awarded “King of the Hudson” in 2005 and 2007 and is an official N.P.B.A. Legend.

“It’s an honor to be in the same category of some of the greats of offshore race boats and will always hold on to the great moments of racing,” Rifice said.

1450 hp.
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