Customized Ford Tow Rig

If the tow rig isn’t keeping up with the performance boat on the hitch, it’s time to upgrade the ride with a new customized truck from DEFCO Trucks.

The Missouri company will customize any new Ford F-250, Ford F-350 and the Ford F-550. Once the work is completed, the new truck receives a “BA” designation short for “Bad Ass”. Starting at $95,000, DEFCO Trucks will create a custom truck in 90 days that you’ll be proud to tow your boat with. You provide the new truck and DEFCO Trucks takes it from there.

The process includes replacing the fenders, bed sides and hood, which is designed and manufactured for DEFCO. The entire truck is repainted to the factory color with extra clear, and the new fenders, door handles and trim pieces are color matched.

DEFCO Trucks beefs up the suspension and installs 43” tires and wheels. While under there, the factory parts are painted chassis black to provide a clean look. The front and rear bumpers are equipped with Rigid lighting wired to the factory overhead upfitter switches, giving customers a variety of backlit colors. The reassembled truck receives DEFCO emblems.

The truck modifications do not void the Ford factory warranty, said DEFCO Truck owner Randy Kent. The company does the body work in Kansas City and completes the suspension work at its facility in Kaiser.

Starting at $95,000
DEFCO Trucks, 

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