Under the hatch of this Formula 350 were some of the smoothest shifting drives, the industry has seen, the Ilmor Marine One Drives.

On the engine side, Ilmor Marine (www.ilmormarine) unveiled its new One Drive propulsion package in a Formula 350 FX CBR. The highlight of the system is that it shifts with an electromagnetically actuated hydraulic clutch transmission, which is much smoother than traditional cone-clutch-equipped drives. It engages gears at two shifts per second.

The drive is built is precision forged gears and is hard-anodized to improve corrosion resistance. For improved performance the transom has a larger exhaust port that reduces backpressure. The drive can be paired with Ilmor Marine’s 430-hp MV8 6.2L OPS and 382-hp MV8 6.0L OPS powerplants for single- and twin-engine applications.

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