Made out of stainless-steel, CMI’s Evo-X headers will have a long life, even in saltwater.

Custom Marine Inc’s Evo-X stainless steel headers are available for Mercury Racing 1,100-hp, 1,350-hp, 1,550-hp and 1650-hp engines. As reported by, the headers were developed with help from the Miss GEICO offshore racing team. They were designed to improve engine endurance rather than power. Their stainless steel construction gives them the withstand higher temperatures in the event that an ability to engine is accidentally starved for cooling water.

Evo-X headers made from 316L stainless steel and the mandrel-bent pipes feature CMI’s patented Cool Collar design. They were developed to be direct replacements for the aluminum headers that come on Mercury Racing’s quad-overhead cam engines andcome in a complete with all hardware and required brackets. They even work with existing tailpipes. In addition to being able to withstand more heat, the stainless-steel Evo-Xs will survive better in saltwater. Retail price is $16,900 per set. Get more information at

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