Matt Lucas Long Island, NY – 30′ Skater

Running a 30’ Skater with twin 300 XS Mercury Racing outboards, Matt Lucas of Long Island, NY, explains he can keep up with nearly everything in its class and then some. For instance, with the Skater’s top speed of approximately 104-105 mph, there’s no problem about being left behind in the mist as he constantly runs along side (or just behind) the big boys with the 38 and 40-foot V-bottoms.

“I have to say that inboards are becoming more and more reliable, but these outboards are pretty tough as I have never had any real mechanical issues,” says Lucas. With his reliable power and super-slick Skater, it comes as no surprise that Lucas is a huge fan of Douglas Marine and Peter Hledin’s creations as he used to frequently run a 24’ and 28’ Skater.

Lucas tries to attend a couple of poker runs per year and 2013 was the second time he made the nine-hour tow to Kingston, ON, to run the scenic 1000 Islands event. Aside from the 1000 Islands, Lucas say he enjoys boating with family and friends in the Long Island region, yet he is considering on making his first visit to Alexandria Bay for the 2014 Poker Runs America Alexandria Hall of Fame Poker Run this June.

We have to add that Alexandria Bay also offers its own unique beauty with excellent water, breath taking scenery and a rustic town site offering plenty to do and see.d4ece76a0fc75091c09eca5036691827_XL

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