Mystic Powerboats C3800 Catamaran

The C3800 is one of the largest sport catamaran on the market offering performance, comfort and reliability.

By Gregg Mansfield 

If you told John Cosker when he founded Mystic Powerboats two decades ago his Florida-based company would one day be building outboard-powered catamarans and center-console boats, he’d wonder if you had hit your head.

The go-fast boat market has changed and Cosker recognized it early on that buyers are seeking comfort and performance with better reliability. The new C3800 Catamaran from the Mystic Powerboat that debuted at the Lake of Ozarks Shootout in August delivers that and more.

Set up with a duel helm, the C3800 can be driven or throttled from either the port or starboard side.

Based off the C4400 catamaran, the first boat out of the mold went to Slug Hefner and is powered by twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines.

“The outboards are so reliable and have gotten so powerful,” Cosker said. “A lot of time in the ’80s, ’90s and early 2000s the sterndrive power wasn’t as reliable. These outboards are really reliable.”

Hefner, who has owned a variety of catamarans, approached Cosker about building a smaller version of Mystic’s C4400 catamaran. Cosker said the mold for the 44-footer wasn’t getting a lot of use, so they blocked off the transom to create a 36-foot version of the catamaran. 

Mystique will offer the cockpit in various configurations. Dirty Duck has four individual buckets with a convertible aft forward and rear-facing lounge.

Once out of the mold and rigged, Cosker spent weeks dialing in the boat by adjusting water pickup locations and testing various propellers to find the ideal setup. The focus of the new model isn’t about top-end speed, rather it’s about ride quality, range and being comfortable in the cockpit running at speed.

“We’re not the fastest boat on the market,” said Cosker, noting the boat runs exceptionally well in rough water. “Top speed is not as important for our buyers. They want a good product.”

The cockpit layout for Hefner’s Dirty Duck boat features four individual bucket seats with a small bench seat and sun lounge aft. Cosker said the cockpit can be configured to a customer’s needs. The cockpit also provides easy access to the water off the transom. Gone are the days of scrambling over hatches to get into the water or tie off the boat. 

Boasting a 10’9” beam on the C3800, a tilt trailer makes transporting the Mystique easier on tight roads.

“You can pull up to a beach and go swimming,” Cosker said. “It’s even has a ladder.”

With the throttles in the center, the C3800 can be set up with duel helms or a simple port and starboard configuration. The dash is simple with a large Garmin screen in the center to monitor engine functions or plot a course on the screen.

Buyers will love the stowage options on the C3800 catamaran. Two large hatches on the deck is a great place to stash towels or a cooler, while lockers built into the gunwale provide quick and easy access to fenders and dock lines.

Cosker said the driver and passengers will love the wraparound windshield to protect them from wind and water spray.

“The boat is so docile. It’s a hull design that has run 170 mph,” Cosker said. “The buyer doesn’t have to be a previous catamaran owner.”

Stowage lockers with removable inserts in the gunwales on the C3800 is the perfect spot to stow fenders and lines for easy access when docking.

The new model will be at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat this and Cosker says he already has commitments from buyers for the next three or four C3800 catamarans that Mystic Powerboats are producing. Weighing in at 6,500 pounds, Cosker says they hope to shave about 800 to 1,000 pounds from the catamaran on subsequent boats from the mold.

While the outboard market is hot right now, Cosker isn’t sure when the sterndrive market will return rebound. For now, Cosker is liking what his the outboard-powered C3800 offers.

“We went and ran a turbine boat the other day,” Cosker said. “When I got out of the boat, I thought what kind of person creates this kind of monster.” 

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