Racing Paradise

June Connolly-Mauff with the WHM Honda pit vehicle. 

The Key West Offshore World Championship continues to shine.

The Key West Offshore World Championship is a bucket list race for many offshore fans. With the beauty of the Florida Keys, a lively Duval Street bar scene and great offshore racing, it’s an event to be experience.

Since Race World Offshore (RWO) began producing the event in 2021 after taking over for the now-defunct Super Boat International, it has only grown in stature and boat counts. If organizers needed any confirmation the event is headed in the right direction, it came from the American Power Boat Association’s annual meeting in January.

Key West was voted the “Best Large Race Site” by the APBA, which caught Race World Offshore founder Larry Bleil by surprise. “It’s nice that people recognize the progress we’ve made,” he said.

Since taking the reins in Key West, Race World Offshore has added multiple concerts, increased community involvement through events such as build-a-boat-and-race-it competition and reinvigorated the street parade.

More importantly for city leaders, Race World Offshore increased the number of offshore boats and race fans attending the November event. The taxes generated from hotel rooms and the bars and restaurants helps fund city services.

Even though the weather canceled the first day of racing, the remaining two races were some of the best offshore racing of the 2022 season. More than 60 teams competed over 12 classes in Key West, making it one of the largest World Championship events in recent memory.

The World Champions crowned at the 2022 Key West World Championship were: Huski/Alegra Motorsports (Class 1), Lucas Oil E3 (Extreme), M CON (Supercat), Team Allen Lawn Care and Landscaping (Super Stock), T/S Motorsports MTI (Stock 450), Fastboys (Stock V), 151 Express (Modified V).

Team Woody Racing (Bracket Class 3), Simmons Racing (Bracket Class 4), Golf N Gator Team Wood Racing (Bracket Class 5), Powerhouse Racing (Bracket Class 6) and Steele Racing (Bracket Class 7).

The Poker Runs America crew was in Key West for the World Championship.

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