Savior Battery Trays Have Built-in Shock Absorption

Savior Products has developed battery cases and trays designed to protect batteries from the two leading causes of premature failure – vibration and shock. Each Savior Case and Tray is equipped with six ShockStop mounts that can isolate up to 99.3 percent of vibration and impact shock. The marine environment beats up batteries with rough, pounding waves and constant engine vibration that can deteriorate a battery’s internal components.

Savior Cases are die-cast aluminum, outfitted with polished rods and hardware, and are powder-coated to eliminate electrical conductivity. Savior Trays are injection-molded polypropylene and feature a nylon strap and buckle. Installation is a breeze as both the trays and the cases can be screwed down to the boat just like a traditional battery box or tray.

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