Tickfaw 200 Poker Run Aiming for 2023 Return

As Livingston Parish in Louisiana continues to pick up the pieces from last year’s devastating hurricane, organizers of the Tickfaw 200 Poker Run is hoping for the event to return in 2023.

The private Blood River Landing marina, which hosts the poker run, suffered significant damage when the Category 4 Hurricane Ida slammed into the area, producing 120-mph winds. The wind ripped roofs off several of the buildings including the Fun House, damaged docks and toppled trees on the roads. Much of the damage has yet to be repaired.

Blood River Marina owner Joey Fontenot with the destruction and rebuilding effort, it would be impossible to stage the April event. Hotel rooms are at a high occupancy with construction workers and victims whose homes were destroyed by the September hurricane.

Fontenot said that some of the canals are still blocked with down trees and card stops, such as The Prop Stop, was destroyed by the hurricane. Blue tarps are on most roofs in Livingston Perish, he said.

“The whole community got hit hard and sometimes you can need to take care of your house before you start worrying about a party,” Fontenot said. “If your house ain’t together, it’s hard to put everything else together.”

The Tickfaw was canceled because of the pandemic in 2021, so fans are eager for it to return.

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