Following an impressive year at Active Thunder boats with the launch of a new 29’ Savage, 29’ Defiant, as well as steady production of its 33 Evolution and 37 Excess, owner Patrick Haughey explained the company has a just completed model orders with Mercury Marine to be used as test boats at the company’s testing facility in Panama City, Florida.

According to Haughey, Active Thunder is currently completing a 37 Excess that will be rigged for outboards, as well as the company’s 22’ for Mercury Marine’s latest launch, the 6.2 L V8 300 hp.

“It’s great news when a company like Mercury Marine comes to you and says, ‘we like your
boats, we like the way they ride and we know they won’t break,’” explained Haughey. “Basically, we were able to provide them with a boat that rides comfortably. They have guys on the water eight hours a day, running the boat and the engines hard. When they rode in the 37 they were very impressed with the ride. We also build a rock solid boat with out any issues.”

Above photo: The rendering of the new 29 Defiant Open (courtesy of by Chris Dilling/Grafik EFX)
Above photo: The rendering of the new 29 Defiant Open (courtesy of by Chris Dilling/Grafik EFX)

Haughey explained that Mercury Marine was interested in Active Thunder boats due to the use of utilizing full urethane composites in its hull construction, which completely eliminates the use of plywood or wood structures, providing an ideal platform that can withstand the elements and demanding running conditions.

“They don’t have to worry about the boat getting damaged or the boat breaking while they are running,” said Haughey.

Additionally, the company is currently completing orders for a 29 Savage designed in a sport deck configuration featuring an ample seating configuration and powered by twin 350 Verados, a 33 Evolution with a pair of 350 Verados, plus a 37’ with Mercury Racing 540 HP engines. The company also just completed the tooling and starting the moulds on new 29 Defiant, featuring an open bow, two dash pods and a walk-thru to the bow.

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