Hustler 50’ ‘Monster’

When the Dematteo family decided it was time to retire their 1993 Hustler 40 Fiore after 17 years, there was only one place to turn-Hustler Powerboats! Joe and MaryEllen LoGuidice, owners of Hustler and long time friends of the Dematteo family, agreed that the new 50 Monster “Wild Trips “would be their next custom build. But first certain criteria had to be met before the first drop of gel- coat would leave the gun.

We are all experiencing a generational shift regarding our high performance boating needs. More than ever, the dependability and reliabilty factors are more visable to the HP boater. Costly repairs, high octane fuels and maintenance have to be in check to be able to afford the passion shared amongst HP boating enthusiasts.

I must say, when I first laid my eyes on the “50 Monster” I was more than impressed. Her lines seemed longer and sleeker, the cockpit interior tight and the engine compartment is so clean that a surgeon could operate there.

Tony and his family wanted this boat to be a real head-turner but it had to be user friendly and functional¬–more than any go fast ever commissioned. Cleaner lines and a lower profile where a must, so Joe and Tony went to the operating table. They decided to trim nearly two inches from the deck and lower it. Next the raised portion of the deck that ran from the bow to the midship windscreen area would be dammed off in the mold to give the “Monster” a mirror smooth, flat deck appearance.

Hatches would be deleted as well as the deck rails to add to its sterile lines. Access to the bow from the cockpit has been well thought out by the addition of built-in steps on the side of the dash. The windscreen has been redesigned and lowered with a small venturi added to redirect wind over the passengers, and the windscreen is painted to match the deck.

Moving aft, the engine hatch has been redesigned to be more functional. A split cushion was installed to ensure better footing to reach the rear swim/boarding platform. Upon stepping on to it, I quickly noted that the down angle had been changed to make it so much more user friendly.

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