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The National Powerboat Association announces nine members to its Legends Class of 2022

The National Powerboat Association has organized some of the greatest offshore races and poker runs in the northeast United States since its founding by Billy Frenz in 1976. Now many of those racers and poker runners from the early days are retired from the sport and Frenz wants to acknowledge their contributions.

“The idea is that a lot of people that started racing in the ‘80s with us are getting out of boating or getting sick and then dying,” Frenz said. “Our heroes of yesteryear are passing, and this is a way to recognize them while they’re still with us.”

Frenz said he was motivated to start the Legends of the NPBA Powerboat Circuit following the passing of offshore racing legend Gino Marrone, who died in 2018. The pandemic cancelled the first Legends run in 2020 and last year Frenz successfully staged the event with a 65-mile run around New York City.

“I don’t know what my goal is for the Legends,” Frenz said. “I just want a bunch of people come out this August 20th and do this run around New York City and honor the legends.”

The Legends of the NPBA Powerboat Circuit for 2022 are: Stuart Hayim, Wes and Tommy Abraham, Tommy Caruso, Vinny Rifice, Peter Meyer, Joe Castellana, and Guy LaMotta (posthumously) and Guy LaMotta Jr. The Abrahams and Castellana will be profiled in the May issue of Poker Runs America.

Here’s a look at the 2022 class for the Legends of the NPBA Powerboat Circuit.

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