Larry Goldman Xtreme powerboats North Miami, FL


Former world and national champion Larry Goldman has turned a love of speed on the water into a successful career. He is seen more often at poker runs and for the past few years has been up front either in the helm seat or in the navigators seat in many different boats.

Goldman’s passion for powering fast boats has continued to keep him in the fast lane. Nowadays he dedicates most waking hours to running Xtreme Marine, the company he has owned for several years now. “ I believe in supporting my customers every step of the way “ said Goldman. “Xtreme Marine is there from start to finish including transporting the exotic craft to and from events, in addition to support and maintenance during the actual daily runs “.

His old mentality was if it didn’t have to do with speed it was a waste of time and money, has not changed over the years and Goldman will do anything to achieve perfection on the water.

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