The Quintessence43 has a beam 12.5 feet and features a true twin-stepped hull.


Hollywood, Florida-based Midnight Express has announced the launch of the Quintessence43, a 43-foot offshore performer rigged with five Mercury Racing outboard engines and what the company calls an ErgoEngine Control system, featuring just two levers – rather than six – for increased user-friendliness and functionality at the helm and at speed.


According to the company, the 43’ is a sub-model of the Quinteessence43 model line and the first to feature the ErgoEngine Control. In addition to many highlights the system has just one ignition for all five engines, offering a turnkey solution to easily operate multiple outboard engine configurations.

The Quintessence43 has a beam 12.5 feet, features a true twin-stepped hull designed to decrease bow rise, and the company’s infusion molded and cored structure that affords a lighter and faster boat while making it stronger and more fuel efficient.

It also boasts the company’s Integrated Spray Reduction (ISR) system to provide drier ride. According to Midnight Express, the Quintessence43 offers speeds in excess of an impressive 90 mph.

midnightrunningOther highlights include a 100 percent carbon fiber side dive-door with an integrated ladder, a 100 percent carbon fiber infused hard top, a cabin loaded with futuristic gadgets and a fully digital control system powered with Garmin touch screens. According to the company, the digital control system is operated with wireless remotes allowing owners to select different lighting modes and to turn battery switches on and off without climbing into tight spaces.

For more details visit www.midnightboats.com

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