Neil Parson

Gananoque, Ontario

Poker Run so close to home

Some would say Neil Parson has an Offshore Obsession or perhaps that’s just because it’s the name of his 33’ Scarab boat. Either way, he is no stranger to the waters of the St. Lawrence River and the 1000 Islands Region. Having grown up in Gananoque, Ontario, Neil spent a good portion of his childhood out on the waterways. Between boating with his parents and viewing the Poker Runs with friends – it’s no wonder how his love of Go-Fast boats was ignited. 

“My friends and I would all hangout and watch the Poker Runs in Gananoque. Dreaming someday to be one of the guys in the boats” Neil said and now he’s turned that dream into a reality. Beginning with riding along in his friends boat all the way to buying his very first 24’ Baja Outlaw, which he then upgraded to a 30’ Baja 302 Sport. He is now onto his third and current boat, a 33’ Scarab powered with twin 500 Merc’s.

Before he was a participant he volunteered as a marshal boat in the Gananoque event. He recalls joining in during the driver’s meeting and lending his expertise of the local area and waterways. Proving himself to be an expert problem solver and one the Poker Runner’s could rely on for years to come. Even today he’s always ready to lend a helping hand whenever needed. 

Neil’s fondest memories from the Poker Runs usually takes place on the Friday when the boats arrive in town – watching them launch and hearing the engines come to life. Most importantly re-igniting old friendships with people he hasn’t seen in a while.

Neil also works as a service adviser, for Gananoque Chevrolet and has been there the past 11 years. Let me tell you that comes in handy when owning a high-performance boat, and who knows, maybe even for you at an event one day.  

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