Additional parking, plus water taxi and shuttle services are some of the highlights for the event. 

Following the announcement of the Miami International Boat Show moving to Miami Marine Stadium Park and Basin for 2016, the NNMA, in conjunction with the City of Miami, have announced that planning for transportation, parking and traffic are top priorities.

According to the NMMA, both parties involved have devised comprehensive parking and transportation plans to include water taxis, shuttles, public transportation access, VIP and valet parking, plus a series of other public parking options. All are strategically placed throughout Miami and on Virginia Key to accommodate boat show attendees and exhibitors.

One of the more efficient elements of the show’s transportation efforts is the addition of water taxis, designed to provide the ability for the show to transport up to 25,000 people to the event each day by water.

Some other highlights of the plan include:

• 10,000 parking spaces in downtown Miami, with shuttle and water taxi service directly to the show.

• An additional 3,800 pre-paid parking spaces on Virginia Key, adjacent to the show, to accommodate exhibitors and attendees (nearly double the public parking spaces available to the boat show when it was in Miami Beach).

• VIP parking on Virginia Key (with private car or shuttle service to the entrance and VIP valet parking within the show site).

• Easy access to public transportation for getting to-and-from the show.

• Freebee electric car service on call for shuttling to and from water taxi ports and hotels in Coconut Grove, Brickell and downtown areas.

• Guaranteed parking space inclusive of water taxi or shuttle for exhibitors and attendees when purchased in advance online.

Additionally, The City of Miami recently hired a third party consultant to conduct a thorough traffic study to gain a better understanding of the most efficient and effective means of getting vehicles on and off Rickenbacker Causeway, while keeping traffic flowing at all major intersections leading to the Causeway. The Rickenbacker Causeway provides public access to Virginia Key and Key Biscayne for Miami-Dade residents. The Causeway also acts as the primary thoroughfare that connects Miami with both Virginia Key and Key Biscayne, making it a critical traffic point and access area.

The traffic plan, coupled with parking and transportation efforts, creates one of the most efficient transportation efforts in the boat show’s 74-year history, resulting in minimal interruption and little to no congestion.

“The parking, traffic and transportation plan created by the City of Miami and the NMMA, with their more than 74 years planning the Miami International Boat Show in our city, is one of the most traffic congestion-reducing plans we have seen,” stated Alice Bravo, Deputy City Manager for the City of Miami. “From extensive parking options to water taxis and shuttles, getting to the boat show will be easier and more hassle-free than it has been in the event’s history. The traffic plan minimizes traffic throughout the city, especially the Rickenbacker Causeway, which in turn will make it an enjoyable event for boat show goers as well as Miami residents.”

For more information visit www.nmma.org

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