One-on-One With IMCO Marine: Product Delivery

PRA: Just in the last year, industry experts have been reporting stronger boat sales and a more stabilized marine industry, would you agree with this and how has it affected IMCO Marine?

It seems used high-performance boats are moving quite well. People are buying them for around $.40 on the dollar, which is great for IMCO as a lot of these people have money left in their budget to upgrade their boat. It’s common for consumers buying used boats to spend another $70,000 to $80,000 on upgrades such as new exhaust systems, gimbal assemblies, hydraulic steering systems with tilt helms and our drives.

PRA: How has your focus on service for dealers and the end customer changed in the last few years?

With today’s technologies most people look to the internet to ask questions and learn about products. So our efforts are more focused on our website. As an example, both dealers and end users can get product information, order parts and download owner manuals, view drive schematics and print fuel tank templates for ordering without having to make a phone call. A benefit to our dealers is they are able to view “dealer” pricing along with the suggested retail and quote their customers with a click of the mouse.

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