One-on-One with Ocean Performance: Service Counts

PRA: What you can tell us about how Ocean Performance is doing in this ‘new’ economy and how have you been adjusting?

CC: Over the years, while Ocean Performance has been a high-performance boat dealership selling boats and refurbishing trade-ins, we never lost our consumer-paid labor base and never gave up our service or storage. I think as other dealerships grew when the market was strong, they were so busy that their entire service department was dedicated to prepping new boats and fixing used ones – so much they pushed their regular service customers away. Or, they were in a geographic location where they sold outside of their region and didn’t really have that return customer for repeat service or business.

So, during those times we focused on maintaining local customers and cultivated that business.

PRA: Have these services and maintaining local customers been successful for Ocean Performance?

CC: Absolutely. We never gave up our service. We have increased it. We have also increased our parts business and inventory. We are doing a lot more drive service, drive repair, even transmission work on the larger stuff. We also have the tools for NXTs, the Dry Sump Six Drives and even conduct gelcoat repairs, and trailer repairs.

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