The 2017 Texas Outlaw Challenge

The Outlaw Challenge proves once again that everything is bigger in Texas.

In it’s 10th year, the Texas Outlaw challenge continues to be one of the biggest poker runs around.

Despite the threat of some bad weather, over 160 outlaws brought their boats to Texas and weathered the storm. Luckily mother nature cooperated for the majority of the weekend, and the skies cleared up for some fantastic boating.

Poker Runs America was a proud sponsor of the event and brought the official safety boat of Poker Runs America, a 32′ Sunsation down to Texas.

Power took over the streets of Texas on Thursday. Boats and exotic cars lined the streets, giving spectators a glimpse at what would hit the water on Friday. It was a full on party, with music, food and lots of people admiring the boats.

The shootout on Friday was a great time. About a hundred spectator boats watching the big power tear by. The big power boats would loop around the spectators before opening up the throttle and completing their shootout.

“The shootout was very safe and put on extremely well,” says Todd Taylor of Poker Runs America, “We were about a quarter mile away from the shootout participants. The organizers had great control of the event.”

It wouldn’t be an Outlaw Shootout without the gigantic party thrown by Kenny Armstrong. Hundreds of boats and exotic cars descended on the house on Friday for a giant pool party. There was close to 1000 people in attendance enjoying the great spread of food, drink and of course the bikini contest. If the crowd of people, exotic boats and cars weren’t enough to tell you this was a huge party, Armstrong arranged for someone skydive into the party, American flag in tow. No one does parties quite like Texas!

The main event, the poker run, kicked off Saturday morning. There was two runs, one for Sport boats and center consoles and one for the big power boats (The Texas Outlaw Challenge). This was a great way to make sure that everyone who wanted to take part in the run, got to participate. The weather was absolutely perfect for boating, you wouldn’t have been able to tell that bad weather was on the horizion. The Outlaws must have scared off mother nature this time.

The final card stop was the Topwater Grill, and also served as the location for the dinner of Saturday.

All in all, Texas once again proved that they do everything BIGGER than everyone else, including poker runs. We can’t wait for next year and the 11th Annual Texas Outlaw Challenge.

2017 Texas Outlaw Challenge Photo Gallery

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