Teague Custom Marine 1050 EFI Delivers Reliable Power

Teague Custom Marine (www.teaguecustommarine.com) has established itself as one of the premier marine engine-building and rigging facilities in the world. One of the company’s most popular models is the TCM 1050 EFI. It starts with a tall-deck World Merlin 3 billet splayed mains block with a Sonny Bryant billet crankshaft, Carrillo connecting rods, proprietary AFR CNC 24 degree heads, and T&D steel shaft roller rocker systems. The 547-cubic-inch engine delivers its horsepower reliably with a Whipple 4.5L Twin-Screw Supercharger and a massive twin-core MOAC Cupronickel intercooler that is fed by a full stainless-steel twin or triple stage Latham water pump. Thanks to the engine’s hydraulic valvetrain components and a proprietary LS1 firing order camshaft, maintenance is kept to a minimum and valve lash adjustments are eliminated. The TCM 1050 EFI is finished with fully color matched billet aluminum accessories, custom plumbing and one-of-a-kind supercharger and valve cover powder paint options for a truly custom engine installation. Teague Custom Marine builds a full line of fuel-injected, CARB-compliant engines ranging from 825 hp to 1450 on 91/93-octane gas. Race engines are also offered with hp reaching 2000 hp.

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