Women in Power: Jodi Goldman

Jodi Goldman is running the business since the death of her husband Larry Goldman.

From Caregiver to Caretaker

Following the passing of Larry Goldman; Marine Industry Icon and World Champion Powerboat Racer; his wife Jodi Goldman stepped up and into the role of President of Extreme Marine, Inc. aka Xtremepowerboats.

In May 2017 when Larry passed, Jodi’s journey lead her in a direction she would have never imagined for herself, her daughter Jilian and son Jacob.  Jilian was in college in Fort Myers and Jacob was preparing to head off to pursue his studies the following year. 

Haulover Marine Center

As Larry’s final words and wishes were to “Keep the business going!” – there was no way that the family would ever let his dream not be fulfilled.

Jodi said “we were together for 30 years and I had never took part in the day to day affairs.  What I did know was only what I would hear him discussing and what he shared with me.  I knew things would be okay with the supportive crew that we had at Extreme Marine by my side.”

What happened shortly thereafter was that the South Florida boating industry gained its newest woman in power and Goldman was running the showing at Extreme Marine located inside the beautiful new Haulover Marine Center.  The office has larger than life pictures of Larry and his life in the Offshore Powerboat world.  With a crew of 14 dedicated and committed employees on hand, it was as if Jodi gained an extra-large extended family.

Jodi and Jilian working side-by-side with Jose Pagan.

The Director of Operations; Fran Rittner is one of those employees and truly a woman in power herself.  She has worked side by side with Larry for the past 10 years handling all of the office affairs, and anything else that Larry or the business needed.  Having Jodi come on board everyday and learn all there was to learn was a true testament to “Women in Power!”

Jodi and Mike Nance.

Goldman’s focus was now on mapping out Extreme Marine’s future. With her crew guiding her and providing valuable input every step of the way. “When Larry founded Xtremepowerboats, he built it around the big, bad, beautiful and exotic high performance boats that he loved so much.  But that was Chapter One.  I needed to create a Chapter Two that would offer more and different services to provide to our customers.” Her service managers Mike Nance and Jose Pagan have been instrumental in helping create this new chapter.

She explained, “this is South Florida and we are the boating capital of the world.  I felt we needed a business model to include the family segment of boating and not just limit ourselves to high performance only.”  And so it began…the Center Consoles arrived.

Jodi does not deny there are challenges along the way, but only 1.5 years later, she proudly announced two of her greatest accomplishments thus far.  Extreme Marine, Inc. is now a Mercury and Yamaha certified dealer and has since picked up Marquis Larson “Striper” Center Consoles.

Extreme Marine launched the family friendly line last March but has seen the biggest push following the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Customers old and new were able to connect with the Goldman family and crew face to face.

The three women in power running the office–Fran Rittner alongside mother and daughter Jodi and Jilian Goldman.

Running the marketing end of the business has been designated to Larry & Jodi’s two children.  Jilian, age 22 and in her senior year at Florida Atlantic University said “this business is something my dad loved and now having the opportunity to help run Extreme makes me feel more connected to him.” Ever since Jilian was a little girl she was always front and center at all the Poker Runs and Boat Shows with her dad.  Today, Jodi turns to her daughter when she has a question because of Jilian’s know how and experience.

Jodi and her son Jacob.

Jacob Goldman, aged 19 is a sophomore at Florida Gulf Coast University and told me via our conference call “At first it was a culture shock to see us split the business and add the center console line because we have always been so high performance oriented.  But I think it’s a good addition.”  He’s definitely planning on following in his dads footsteps and make “bigger footsteps” upon completing his degree…. and he surely will!

In August of 2008, I wrote the cover feature for Poker Runs America on Larry Goldman (Vol 10 Issue 8) and in that story Goldman told me in her own words, “Larry gives 100-percent all the time and his intention is quite simple — keep everyone happy.  His commitment and drive to please at times consumes him, but this dedication, also makes me love and respect him even more.”

Eleven years has passed since that publication and now the same can be said for Goldman. She is a woman in power who picked up where her husband left off and is committed to giving 100-percent all the time to keep everyone happy. Without doubt, Larry is looking down from heaven and is XTREMEly proud of her, Jilian and Jacob and their start of Chapter Two.

Haulover Marine’s Impressive 508 “hurricane-proof” rack storage.

For any PRA readers attending the Miami International Boat Show this coming February, please look for Xtreme Powerboats inside the tents or check out their website at www.Xtremepowerboats.com to become further acquainted with their vast sales, service center and storage facility offerings.

By Dina Paolella

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