Hustler 39 Shotgun

Hustler Powerboats 39 Shotgun

Hustler Powerboats builds a outboard-powered offshore boat based on the same hull of its popular 39 Rockit.  

Five New Members to Join Shootout Hall of Fame

Five new members will be joining the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Hall of Fame and the inductees will be honored prior...
Bill Tweedie

Time to Chill

Bill Tweedie reflects on retirement after being the face of MYCO Trailers By Gregg Mansfield

New Checkmate Powerboats Owner Has Big Plans

The new owner of Checkmate Powerboats is vowing to revive the legacy brand and moving production of the boats to Washington, North...

Formula 380 SSC

The 380 Super Sport Crossover is a big bow rider featuring a full cabin for overnighting By Zenon...

A Dream Come True

Ryan Beckley dreamed of being a throttleman and now he’s one of  the sport’s best. By Gregg Mansfield

Interview with Fred Ross

Iconic Marine's Fred Ross talks about the past and future for Fountain, Donzi and Baja. By Gregg Mansfield

Travis Pastrana Joins Miss GEICO Offshore Racing Team

Actionsports legend Travis Pastrana is joining the Miss GEICO Offshore Racing Team for 2020 where he is expected to drive the catamaran in six...

Race World Offshore Adds New Stops to Schedule

Race World Offshore expanded its racing schedule for 2020 with new stops in Alabama and Georgia, concluding with the Key West Championships in November.

Mercury Racing Unleashes 600-HP-Rated CNC Cleaver Prop

Outboards are getting all the attention nowadays but it’s easy to forget there are still plenty of high-performance boat owners with sterndrive engines. Mercury...