For the past two decades, Poker Runs America Magazine has been covering the world of performance boating.  In our 20 year history, we’ve produced thousands of pages of editorial content on the events, people and boats that have and still contribute to making the world of performance boating great.

Being pioneers of the sport, we’ve built up an extensive archive of content from years past.  From the early days of boats that topped out at 60mph to today’s high powered catamarans that shatter the 200mph mark, we’ve covered it all.

Below you find articles from the vaults of Poker Runs America,  all of the stories have appeared in previous issues of the magazine.  In some cases, we’ve included some NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS that weren’t included in the article when it was first printed.

If you want to purchase reprints any of the issues that the articles are from, or buy photos from the articles, please send an email to

Patrick G. Patel – Race Legal

By Peter Tasler This article originally ran in 1998 in our first issue of Power Runs America volume 1 number 1: Acclaimed lawyer. World class offshore racer. Exotic car collector. Just-turned (October 4) 37-year-old New Jersey born and bred Patrick G. Patel. Esq. is the quintessential American champion. Armed with the heart and soul of […]

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V for Victory

After 10 years of almost and not quites, Randy Scism achieved his decade-old goal, winning the 1999 UIM Class 1 Offshore World Championship and, on the heels of that success, he’s launching a new boat company. By Eric Colby Ten years ago, Randy Scism was in the right place at the right time when he […]

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Master of Motion

Howard Arneson is unequivocably the fastest man in offshore power boating By Steve SandlerAll Photos courtesy of Howard Arneson and Maggie Ferrari, Ferrari Color For most of us breaking the 100 mph mark on the water is a monumental achievement. Few boats can reach these speeds and even fewer can maintain them. Howard Arneson’s life […]

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Al Copeland Story – Life in the Fast Lane

Al Copeland reflects on the art of performance From our vaults 1997 – Volume 1 Number 2 By: Peter Tasler In the intensely competitive world of boat racing, as in big business, there is one hard and fast rule – WIN! What distinguishes Al Copeland from the majority of winners, however, is his strong sense […]

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Women In Power: June Connolly | Legal Eagle

Originally Appeared in Poker Runs America 9-1 By Peter Tasler Since its emergence as a sport in the very early 1900s, powerboat racing has spawned a new breed of gladiator, men and women who willingly risk their lives for a shot at the title. Many of the names are legend. But professional competition also has […]

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Women in Power: Lisa Beilman

For the Fun of it Originally Appeared in Poker Runs America 6-4. By Michelle May-Schmidt.  Women have always played a prominent and active role in the offshore poker run and race circuits.  More often than not, the underlying reason for joining what has traditionally been a male-dominated sport has little to do with winning titles […]

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Women in Power – Mindi Doller and Doller Offshore

Contrary to popular belief, performance boating is not an exclusively male-dominated sport. Poker Runs America presents the first in a new series of feature articles dedicated to women in power. By Michelle May Schmidt.  Originally appeared in Poker Runs America 3-1. Hanging on the wall in an upstairs office of the Doller Offshore Marine complex […]

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Fond du Lac and Milwaukee, Wisconsin set the stage for heavyweight poker run and race action in early August. The powerhouse four-day event began on Thursday, August 7, as Mercury Racing and Poker Runs America presented performance boat owners and offshore competitors with a rare opportunity to tour Mercury Racing’s world headquarters, attend seminars on [...]


If you were starting a new powerboat racing organization you’d work hard to lure the big-name teams, try to find attractive venues and make sure you got fans excited. But organizers of the Offshore Super Series, the newest sanctioning body for powerboat racing, wanted another critical ingredient. They needed a top-notch referee to preside over [...]

Tom Abrams and The Power of Positive Thinking

Whether he’s building one of the sweetest poker run boats in the world, starting a new racing career or helping to launch a racing organization, Tom Abrams remains eternally optimistic. Originally Appeared in Poker Runs America 7-5 By Eric Colby There’s one word you simply do not say to Tom Abrams – can’t.  When he decided to […]

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Luck of the Draw – The First Three Day Poker Run.

Originally Appeared in Power Boating Canada Vol 9-5. (1995) A strange twist of fate decided the winner in the first-ever three­-day Power Boating Canada Georgian Bay Poker Run-a summer sensation hosted by Bay Moorings Yacht Club that drew thousands of spectators and helped raise money for the Starlight Foundation Charity.    

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A few years ago, when I was having lunch with Mike Fiore of Outerlimits, he suggested I put together a first-class power event that would take poker runs to an entirely new level. Not long after, during a casual business meeting in Sarasota, Florida, with Skip Braver and Neil Hernandez of Cigarette Racing, they proposed [...]

The $50,000 High Roller Poker Run

As Poker Runs go, there are large events, and small events, exotic venues, and destinations in the heart of North America’s most popular tourism regions, but nothing in the world of performance boating compares to the elegance of the annual Poker Runs America Casino Lac-Leamy weekend, where the five-star accommodations entertainment and gourmet dining elevate [...]

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